6 Misconception About Yoga Its Conclusion & Prevention

What are the different Misconceptions related to Yoga

Many misconceptions related to Yoga are spread in society. In general, in our society, in the context of yoga, this misconception is prevalent that yoga is related to a particular person, yogi, ascetic or Hindu religion. Another misunderstanding about yoga is that this science is very difficult and is for some special people, ordinary people cannot use it which is a completely false and misleading concept.

Whereas opposite of this yoga is a comfortable and easy path. Yoga has a special role to make our life, body and mind beautiful and healthy. Yoga is a scientific path, it has evolved into an art of living life.

Misconception Of Yoga

Yoga Is Not For Common Person

Yoga is only for the Monks and Saints: Yoga can be adopted by the saint and even a most ordinary person.

Celibacy (Brahmacharya) is essential for yoga: The practice of yoga can be done by children to married people too.

Leaving the house and seclusion is essential for Yoga: A person can practice it by staying in the house.

Yoga is related only to Hindu religion: Yoga is an experimental art that cannot be linked to any character, religion or caste. So every person can use yoga for self-improvement.

Only Asana And Pranayama Is Yoga

The wrong misconception related to yoga is that only asana and pranayama is Yoga. While yoga is actually a wide topic whose ultimate goal is Kaivalya (detachment), which is the highest peak of a person’s development.

Maharishi Patanjali has explained the yoga extension as Ashtanga Yoga in which Asana and Pranayam are just two parts of it. Therefore, Asana and Pranayam are not yoga. Yoga keeps the goal of many forward steps ahead of us.

Yoga Is A Miracle

In the context of yoga, it is also a misconception that yoga is a miracle. Its achievement is full of miracles which reflects our misleading thinking. The accomplishment that has been described under Yoga is mentioned as a warning to the person and not as a miracle. So we can say that yoga is not a miracle.

Yoga Is A Medical Science

Various meanings and uses of yoga have been told by individuals since ancient times. The fourth misconception related to yoga is that yoga is a medical science. Whereas the actual fact is that as the fodder gets with the wheat itself, in the same way, going towards the ultimate goal of yoga, our body and mind becomes healthy itself. But this does not mean that yoga is a medical science.

Yoga Is Only Element Knowledge

Due to discussions by many philosophers regarding yoga, this belief in the public has also spread from them that yoga is a science of element. Because yoga is also an experimental topic so we can say that yoga is not only element science.

Yoga Is An Exercise System

There is often a perception among people that yoga is an exercise method, which is used for physical health only which is completely wrong. The goal of yoga is not only physical health but also to get mental and spiritual benefits.

Yoga works on these three dimensions i.e Physical health, Mental and Spiritual benefits. It is extremely important to keep the body healthy. That is why physical actions like Asana and Pranayama have been added to Yoga because the body is the basis of life, but this does not mean that Yoga Is An Exercise System.


In this way, we see that the sum is a simple and ordinary art which any religion, character or caste person can do. Whether he/she is a householder or celibacy. Therefore, by highlighting the wrong beliefs about yoga and the true facts regarding them, we can adopt a positive attitude towards yoga by refusing the misconceptions related to yoga.

Impact Of Misconception About Yoga On The Minds

The misconceptions that have spread among people related to yoga. Due to its influence, the mind of the society and the person is reflected, which further leads to the form of mischief. What is the effect of such misconceptions on our minds can be understood by the following points?

  • Apathy towards yoga.
  • Realization of fears against the Yogic Kriya’s and their types.
  • Being confused about the real goal of yoga.
  • The sense of disdainful vision towards the yogi and yoga.
  • Disfavor towards Yoga Texts.

Source Of Misconception Related To Yoga

Heard Things

Many times we meet people from whom we get to hear many misleading things about yoga and we follow their point of view.


Yogi maintains a beard and hairs, Yogis only wear white or saffron garments. These are also the source of some misconceptions.

Differentiation Of Traditions Or Narrow Point Of View

From Maharishi Patanjali to the modern era, due to different processes of understanding various yoga practices by various traditions or Maharishi’s (saints), an unreal situation arising due to excessive belief in their process gives rise to a narrow view.

Incomplete Knowledge Of The Subject

It is often seen that in society, those people comment in relation to yoga, which does not have experimental and classical knowledge regarding yoga. Such people also give birth to misconceptions.

Ideological Difference

Different opinions propagate their knowledge as true and give rise to ideological differences.

Limited definitions, lack of faith in yoga, difficulty in understanding the sense of the various parts of yoga etc are some other source of misconception related to yoga.

Measures to get rid of misconceptions

  • Promoting a positive attitude towards yoga.
  • Inspire the society to read yoga Yoga scriptures and texts.
  • Performing yoga asanas with their benefits.
  • Translating yoga texts into simple and understandable language and propagating it in society.

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