Best Yoga Diet Plan | Types of Yogic Diet & Its Benefits

Yoga Diet

Due to inappropriate food and bad diet, the illness in our body can be corrected by taking a balanced diet rather than taking medication. What we eat, we eat it for the development of our body. So it is necessary that we make a scale for this that, what kind of food would be beneficial for us? How much food should I eat? Which food is fine? At what time should you eat? Etc.

If we talk about the mythological period and today, then only one thing is the same. This equality is that pure diet and vegetarianism are the best diets. The vegetarian diet caters to many mineral salts inside the human body. A good diet has a lot of impact on our body and mind. This is the reason that all the scholars who have been there had put a lot of emphasis on Satvic diet.

Types of Yoga Diet

Satvic Yoga Diet

Such food which provides life, happiness, and health to the being and it has been obtained in a simpler form from nature. This type of diet calms our mind and creates balanced behavior in our body and mind. Lentils, rice, cow’s milk, ghee, fruits, vegetables etc. and those things that grow in the trees come under Satvic Diet.

Effect of Satvic Diet on Mind

  • Consumption of Satvic meal leads to truthful thoughts and actions.
  • Such eating habits have positive results such as truth, wisdom, the sharpness of intelligence, peace, stability, and seriousness of mind, purity of heart, the simplicity of mind, joy and happiness.
  • Moderation and tolerance develop.
  • The body remains healthy without having any disorder.
  • There is purity in the mind.

Rajasic Food

Such food items that are acidic, hot, spicy and fried for taste in oil, ghee etc. Hot spices, tobacco, tea, and coffee all fall under the category of Rajasic food. This type of food makes the process of our body intensely intense, which causes excessive circulation of the Prana in the body which is not a good thing.

According to the Bhagavad Gita, a diet containing bitter, sour, salts produces sorrow in our body.

Effect of Rajasic Food on Mind

  • The result of Rajasic food is mind’s restlessness, jealousy in behavior, the introduction of hatred and quarrels, rigidity and pain, tension and sadness results in speech.
  • This type of diet gives birth to anger, excitement, and desires.
  • The mind remains playful.
  • There is a feeling of heaviness in the body.
  • The mind is not able to concentrate.

Tamasic Diet

The food that has been cooked long ago, it is non-juicy, which impure, it is called tamasic food. Garlic onions also come under tamasic food. Diet items those are stale or partially rotten. Meat, fish, eggs, alcohol, stale food and eating food in more quantity also comes in the Tamasic diet category.

Effect of Tamasic Food on Mind

  • The consumption of tamasic food leads to bad effects like laziness, ignorance, temptation, anger, heaviness etc.
  • It brings stiffness, cruelty, and violence in thoughts.
  • The person becomes stricken and intolerant.
  • The person’s behavior becomes curt and monstrous, which causes trouble and sorrow.

Healthy Yoga Diet

To keep the body healthy and mind happy, one should eat the perfect vegetarian diet. Wheat, Grains, Milk, Ghee, Butter, Dry Ginger, five types of vegetables, green gram, fresh and clean water, all these are beneficial.

  • If you want to move forward in the path of spiritual practice, make a diet list of these foods.
  • Eat clean and fresh food every day.
  • Eat dinner during the evening (6-7 pm) by which the food digests easily before sleep. If you rest after the meal at night, then throughout the night, the food stays inside the abdomen, which leads to laziness.
  • So, to make the body beautiful, strong and healthy, we should make a living by taking full care of the diet.

Unhealthy Yoga Diet

Seekers should not take bitter, spicy, salted food, green leaves vegetables, wines, fish, meat, curd, garlic, onion, sesame, asafetida (Hing), buttermilk, horse gram, turnip, urad etc.

In Hatha Yoga, it has been written that a seeker should not eat such food which has been cooked again (rice, pulse etc). In the Skanda Purana, it has been written that the seeker should always take milk by avoiding acidic, salted, and staled food.

  • Yoga seekers should abandon women, bad company, more fruits, more fasting, carrying heavy loads, practicing Surya Namaskar many times etc.
  • The seeker should work with his discretion.

Benefits of yoga diet

The food that is absorbed by the body and produces fiber and energy, repairs broken fiber, helps in various functions of the body, such food is beneficial for us. The amount of food eaten by a person is different, the amount of food it consumes is called its dose. According to age, weather, social environment, body size, the person’s dose is determined.

Balanced Yoga Diet

  • Our food should contain vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and salts.
  • To maintain body balance, it is necessary to have 75% alkali and 25% acid in the diet.
  • The same diet should not be consumed in excess quantity, food containing many properties and juices should be taken.

Effects and side effects of inappropriate food

Inappropriate diet brings many kinds of disorders inside our body, through which various types of diseases surround our body and the power of the body becomes impaired. Most diseases of today’s era are the result of the wrong diet. So it is very important to manage a proper diet.

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