Yoga During Pregnancy For Normal Delivery In 9th Month

Yoga During Pregnancy

Today we are going to talk about Yoga For Pregnant Women which every pregnant woman can perform easily at home to give a healthy life to her baby. Parental yoga is the best way to keep you in shape and make your baby healthy.

Our children are our replica, it is also certified by science. If we look at a parent and after that, we see his children, then we can guess that he/she will be their children.

It implies that we are physically in the same way as our parents are. But in our heritage, we do not get only the physical body from our parents, we also get diseases with the body. Suppose that one of my parents has a high blood pressure problem, then there are chances that this disease will also come to me.

This problem is primarily seen in women, if the mother has breast or uterus cancer then the daughter is also going to get that cancer.

Similarly, we get many hereditary diseases from our parents like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Depression, etc.

Nowadays, the condition of ailments in the newborn is increasing. Therefore, there is a huge responsibility for pregnant women nowadays. Therefore, today we are discussing the best yoga for normal delivery during pregnancy through which you can keep your child away from diseases.

Yoga For Pregnant Women For Normal Delivery (With Benefits)

We have listed some pranayama, yoga posture, and acupressure for pregnant women. These yoga are very beneficial for all pregnant women and are also helpful in normal delivery.

Pranayama For Pregnant Women

Bhastrika Pranayam, Anulom Vilom Pranayam, Bhramari Pranayam, Udgeeth Pranayam are best pranayama practice during pregnancy. Practice these pranayamas twice a day i.e in the morning and evening. Keep in mind that in the evening practice it after 5 hours of your meal. While practicing these pranayamas, there should be soundless breathing.

If you have thyroid, obesity and cough problems, then practice Ujjayi Pranayama. If there is too much heat, sweating comes, anger comes, then practice Sheetkari and Shitali pranayama. If the high blood pressure did not come to normal even by doing all of these pranayamas then you should practice Chandra Bhedi pranayama.

Acupressure For Pregnant Women

Acupressure also helps in high blood pressure. Press the top of the ring finger of both hands to reduce the high blood pressure. Do not press forcefully during pregnancy. By acupressure the brain remains stress-free, depression free, negative thoughts do not come in the mind because Its direct link is with the hormones of the brain. Practice this with the empty stomach or 2 hours after the meal.

Sometimes pregnant women have a problem of joint pain. In such a situation, press the channels behind the hands as sown on the picture below.

Micro Yoga Exercises For Pregnant Women

4 micro leg exercises for women for normal delivery during pregnancy which must be practiced.

  1. Sit down comfortably, keep the legs straight. Now move your fingers up and down without lifting the keens. Watch Video
  2. Site down on the same pose as above, now move your feet forward and backward without lifting the keens. Watch VIdeo
  3. Place your left foot on your right thigh. Now put your hand on your right knee and press it down, then lift the knee and try to kneel the knee to the chest if possible. Do this with another leg. Remember, do not do it forcefully. Watch Video
  4. Butterfly (Titli Asana): Connect your both legs (see below pic) and move them like butterfly wings. Watch Video

Butterfly Exercise
Yoga Asanas For Pregnant Women

  • Markat Asan: Lie down straight on a mat. Now fold your both legs (as sown in the picture below), bring both hands perpendicular to the shoulders. Now inhale and turn your both leg to the right side and turn your head to the left side, again exhale and turn both legs to the left side and head to the right side. It is not necessary to touch your knees on the ground. Turn your feet as much as you can. You can also practice Merudand Asana for pack abdominal and joint pain.


  • Hastuttanasana: Stand straight with your feet apart and lift your hands above your head with your fingers lock facing the palms upward. Than bend yourself backward, come in base position by keeping your fingers interlocked and place your hand palms on your head (see picRepeateat this 5-6 times.

Benefits of Yoga For Pregnant Women

  • Yoga boosts your energy level.
  • There is no better way to get a pre-pregnancy body than yoga.
  • Best for depression, stress, and anxiety.
  • Pranayama is also beneficial to those who are not able to become pregnant.
  • If you have the thyroid problem, practice Ujjayi Pranayama.
  • It solves the obesity problem.
  • Helps in normal delivery.
  • Cure joint pain and backache.
  • Helpful in controlling urine indulgence.
  • Acupressure also gives benefits during pregnancy.
  • Makes the mother and baby healthy.

Precautions and things to keep in mind for Yoga during Pregnancy

  • Do not practice any of these Yoga practices forcefully. If you are not able to do so, then do not practice it.
  • Do all these exercises in the open area such as gardens, roofs.
  • Proper ventilation is necessary while practicing any Yoga.
  • Nowadays when a woman becomes pregnant, she is usually busy with TV or mobile, she eats anything. All these habits affect fetal health. During pregnancy eat green vegetables, drink milk and other healthy things.
  • Focus on your breathing.
  • Focus on thoughts.
  • Keep your surroundings clean and clam.
  • Pay attention to your diet.
  • Usually, we focus on developing the brain of a child after birth. But through yoga and proper eating, we can develop the child’s mind during pregnancy.

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