Chandra Namaskar Yoga (Moon Salutation) Sequence & Benefits

Chandra Namaskar Yoga

Like the Surya Namaskar, Chandra Namaskar is also very important in yoga. There are also 12 steps in it, (somewhere 14 steps are also described) which have 12 Mantra. These Mantras can be chanting with every posture. As such, every asana has its own importance, but these Asanas are done in a chromatic manner, after their completion, the benefit of those Asanas increases, therefore, the seeker must take the benefits of Chandra Namaskar.

Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation) Steps

Chandra Namaskar has 12 steps and each stage has a mantra. Therefore, when you practice this yoga, chant the mantra with every step, so that you can get more benefits from Chatra Namaskar.

First Step

Chandra Namaskar 1st Step

  • Face up to the moon and stand in the position of Tadasana.
  • Lift both hands up and tilt the upper part of the waist backward as much as you can.
  • Keep the palms of both hands open to the sky.


When you perform these steps, chant “OM Chandray Namaha” in your mind.

Second Step

Chandra Namaskar 2nd Step

Now bring the hands and the upper part of the waist in the forward direction and place the hands parallel to the feet. Touch the head with knees and try to keep the knees straight.


Om Shomaya Namaha

Third Step

Chandra Namaskar 3rd Step

Now, move the left leg backward and keep it vertically and put the body full load on the right foot and place both hands next to the right foot.


Om Indra Dev Namaha

Fourth Step

Chandra Namaskar 4th Step

Now, keeping the foot claws in one place, stand in a position that the knee of the left foot touches the ground and the right knee makes a 90-degree angle. Now, by raising the hands upward, lean the upper part from the waist backward.


Om Nishakraya Namaha

Fifth Step

Chandra Namaskar 5th Step

Now, like the third position, instead of right foot, give the full weight on the left foot and move the right foot back. Keep both hands next to the left foot.


Om Kalabhrtaya Namaha

Sixth Step

Chandra Namaskar 6th Step

Now, giving the weight on the left foot like the fourth stage, the right knee should touch the ground and stretch hands upwards.


Om Sudhadhray Namaha

Seventh Step

Chandra Namaskar 7th Step

After this, stabilize your both hands down on the ground and take the left foot near the right foot, picking the head upwards and looking towards the sky.


Om Nashapataye Namaha

Eighth Step

Chandra Namaskar 8th Step

After this, kneel both knees on the ground and tilt the head down and touch the ground from the forehead and keep the position of both hands as it is.


Om Shiv Shekharaya Namaha

Ninth Step

Chandra Namaskar 9th Step

Now lift the hands upwards with the head and tilt the back and keep the upper part straight from the waist. Keep the palms facing towards the sky and sit on the angles of the knees and claws.


Om Amritdidhitaye Namaha

Tenth Step

Chandra Namaskar 10th step

Now place both hands on the ground in front, at a distance of 1 foot. While sitting in the same position with the toes and hands, lift the knees above the ground.


Om Tamonghnaya Namaha

Eleventh Step

Chandra Namaskar 11th Step

After this, without moving the hands, toss both feet between the hands and sit on the claws.  Touch fingers on the ground instead of palms and the weight of the buttocks will remain on the heel.


Om Rajrajaya Namaha

Twelfth Step

Chandra Namaskar 12th Step

Now in the end, like the first situation, stand straight in Namaskaar position.


Om Shashank Devaya Namaha

So this is on cycle, so do 5-6 cycle. Relax in Savasana while experiencing fatigue.

Best time to do Chandra Namaskar

As Surya Namaskar is specially done in the morning hours and in the same way the Chandra Namaskar should be done in the evening.

Benefits of Chandra Namaskar

By the way, each Asana has its own importance and its own different benefits. But by doing many frequencies of Chandra Namaskar, many benefits are obtained simultaneously.

  • The body became beautiful and strong.
  • Abdominal get benefits.
  • Helpful in Constipation, acidity, indigestion etc.
  • The body becomes fast.
  • Mental peace is achieved.
  • Helpful in laziness.
  • The entire body becomes healthier.

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