How To Do Shakti Chalana Kriya And What Are Its Benefits

Shakti Chalana Kriya steps and benefits

Shakti Chalana Kriya is a way to produce and change the energy of the body in a way. This mudra is called Shakti Chalana Kriya because it contains the fast movement of power. ‘Shakti’ Means ‘Power’ and ‘Chalana’ means ‘movement’.

About Shakti Chalana Kriya In The Scriptures

According to the Gheranda Samhita, the Kundalini which is inactive in our Mooladhara Chakra, as long as it remains in an inactive state, the human being remains ignorant.

According to Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the common seeker cannot practice Shakti Chalana Kriya. In a person if there is an element such as excess consumption of food (Gourmand), does an excess of work, is loquacious (speaks a lot), has the urge to obey the rule, has much social relations, and restlessness of mind, he cannot accomplish this mudra and should not even do it.

Two Stages Of Shakti Chalana Kriya

In Shakti Chalana Kriya, two states of Kundalini have been described – Movement and Uplift. Actually, these are the two different stages of moving on the Kundalini or life.

In movement, there is an experience of climbing up of Prana up in the spinal cord and in the uplift, this experience becomes very fast, deep and stable in rhythm.

Shakti Chalana Kriya Steps

  • Sit in the position of Padmasana or Siddhasan.
  • Take a 5-6 inch wide soft cloth and bind it around your waist.
  • Now place your both palms on the ground and slowly raise the body with the help of hands (like pushups). Do this cycle for 20-25 times, after that practice Mulabandha. Then take normal breathing for 5-10 seconds and practice Jalandhar Bandha and at last do Ashwani Mudra.
  • The steps given above is the whole process of Shakti Chalana Mudra.
  • In the beginning, practice this Kriya 15-20 times, gradually increase the duration after completion of the training.

Shakti Chalana Kriya Benefits

  • This Mudra is capable of reducing diseases.
  • Very beneficial in anal disease.
  • By Shakti Chalani Mudra diseases such as impotence also die away.
  • The vital parts of the body get stronger.
  • The Shakti Chalana Kriya is also beneficial in vaginal diseases.
  • It also cures liver inflammation.
  • Spiritual happiness is attained.

Precaution And Things To Keep In Mind

  • During the practice period of the Shakti Chalana Kriya, one should take a slightly dried diet.
  • Practice this action carefully according to strength.
  • Do Shakti Chalana Kriya by wearing loose fitted clothes.

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