How to Do Khechari Mudra Yoga And What Are Its Benefits

Step By Step Guide Of Khechari Mudra and Its Benefits

There are some mudras in yoga that can only be done by yogis. An ordinary person should not practice them. Khechari Mudra is a Mudra which should be done only by the seekers/yogis. If the common man wants to practice it, then he should practice it in the presence of Yoga Guru.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Khechari Yoga Mudra and how to practice it. By following these steps, a normal person can also practice this mudra (but we only recommend practicing this pose in the presence of a yoga guru).

Khechari mudra has been considered as the original source of divine joy in high-level Yoga practices. This is mainly the sadhana of tongue and palatal. In this practice, a long tongue is of great significance

The human tongue is of two types – long and short. The long tongue is known as Sarpajiva (Snake Tongue). Since some people have a long tongue, they can easily touch the nose with their tongues and can make Khechari mudra.

But whose tongue is small, they face difficulty in practicing the Khechari Mudra. In such a situation, you have to stretch your tongue, which requires friction and exploitation. The tongue connected to the nerve should be cut from the lower part.

How to Do Khechari Mudra

  • First, sit in any comfortable Asana. Close your eyes and focus on the Agya Chakra.
  • In this Mudra, the seeker should turn his tongue backward as far as possible and touch in the palate (by keeping the mouth shut). Then bring the tongue to a normal position. Practice this mudra up to 50 times per day.
  • Many seekers cannot touch their palate with tongue, so there are 3 ways to increase the tongue. Piercing, Conducting, and Tapping.

3 Ways to Enlarge Your Tongue For Khechari Mudra Piercing

There is a nerve in the bottom part of our tongue, which keeps our tongue connected to the jaw. Being connected to the tongue it becomes difficult to touch the palate with the tongue. For this, the nerve should be rubbed with rock salt every day. If separation is possible by surgery then it can be used.


By holding the tongue with the thumb and index finger and moving it around and pulling, the tongue becomes longer.


Apply butter or ghee, stretch the tongue with the fingers of both hands.

In all these actions, do whatever is appropriate in the presence of a Guru/Yoga Teacher.

Khechari Mudra Precautions

  • Do not haste in the above practices. With only a slight mistake, the tongue can be destroyed or other adversity may come.
  • Do not practice this posture in the absence of a Yoga teacher.

Benefits of Khechari Mudra

  • There are many physical, mental, worldly and spiritual benefits of Khechari Mudra which are also mentioned in the scriptures.
  • The seeker should make all kinds of efforts to awaken the Kundalini Power and practice Khechari Mudra.
  • The passage of Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadi is opened when the tongue is inserted.
  • By practicing this mudra, the age increases.
  • Sleep, laziness, and hunger-thirst do not bother much.
  • The Khechari Yoga mudra gives control over the speech.

4 thoughts on “How to Do Khechari Mudra Yoga And What Are Its Benefits”

  1. Lakshmi

    Im practice Kechari from 8 month i want more information plz can u guide me plz give me cantact plz

    1. YogaChapter

      Namaste Lakshmi Ji,
      If you tell us what kind of information you want, it is easy to provide information.

      Khechari Mudra description also comes in Kundalini Awakening. When a yogi awakens every single cycle during the Kundalini meditation and go upwards, and when this Kundalini reaches the Agya Chakra, then it makes a chemical mixture in our palate. Then this chemical mixture starts dripping into the seeker’s fauces.
      This chemical mixture has been called Nectar juice (Amrit Ras) in Indian scriptures. The practice of Khechri mudra is used to taste this Nectar juice. Therefore, the practice of Khechari Mudra is mainly done for Kundalini Awakening.

      Some Other Benefits of Khechari Mudra

      With Khechri Mudra, you can achieve success in the marketing field.
      Eliminate hesitation.
      Helps in awakening the Kundalini Chakras.

      Hope this information is helpful for you.
      Keep Visiting Yogchapter
      Thank You.

  2. Raveen

    After inserting the tongue, how to make it to move further up?

    1. YogaChapter

      The Frenulum which is attached below our tongue stops the tongue to move further up. So, you have to practice for it to make the Frenulum flexible and elongate it. We already discussed the methods of tongue enlarging. You can also try them, but practice is the best and safest way.
      Hope this will be helpful for you.
      Keep Practicing and thanks for visiting our website.

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