Uddiyana Bandha Yoga Kriya (Abdominal Lock) Benefits & Steps

Uddiyana Bandha

When our age increases, our skin starts getting loose and our stomach starts growing. The nerves of our body also begin to weaken. Everyone has to undergo such a problem, but when we practice Uddiyana Bandha, it has an effect on our growing age. By practicing this Kriya, the person feels refreshed and young. Due to this bandha, our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, all our seven doors are closed. As a result, Prana enters Sushumna (spine) and starts moving in the upwards direction. This is why it is called Uddiyana Bandha.

Meaning of Uddiyana Bandha or Abdominal Lock

Uddiyana means flying high and Bandha mean lock. In this Kriya, the energy arises from the lower part of our body and flows towards the vertical portion are known as Uddiyana Bandha.

Abdominal Lock or Uddiyana Bandha steps

There are two ways to practice this yoga, by standing and by sitting, we will discuss each one by one.

How to do by standing?

  • First of all, bend your knees and slightly lean in the front direction keeping 1-1.5 feet difference between your both legs.
  • Now keep your hands above your thighs.
  • Now leave your breath completely out of your nose, apply Jalandhar Bandha and now pull the whole abdomen area inward.
  • This is the last step of Uddiyana Bandha.
  • While dragging the stomach inside you can also practice the Agnisar Kriya.
  • After holding the breath according to stamina, bring the stomach to its normal condition and then remove the Jalandhar bond.
  • Repeat this 5-10 times

How to do by Sitting?

  • Sit down comfortably on Padmasana or Siddhasana by placing a yoga mat at a clean place.
  • Keep your hands on your thighs in meditation pose (Dhyana Mudra).
  • Now inhale and then exhale completely, pull your stomach inwards and focus on the Manipura Chakra.
  • Stay in this position for 5-10 seconds and then bring the stomach to its normal position.
  • Practice it for 5-10 times.

Uddiyana Bandha Benefits

  • By practicing this yoga, the old man also feels like a youth.
  • With this yoga, the heart area muscles get a good massage.
  • The limbs inside the abdomen tend to become soft, thereby, the gastric intensity becomes intense.
  • This increases the brightness of the face by eliminating wrinkles in the face.
  • Helps in activating the Manipura chakra.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • All types of diseases related to the stomach can be cured.
  • It is also beneficial in melting the belly fat.

Precaution while practicing Uddiyana Bandha

  • Practice this Kriya with the empty stomach.
  • Pregnant women, B.p and hearth patient should avoid this asana.

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