What is Viveka Khyati in Yoga? | Types of Viveka Yoga

“Viveka” means “Right” and “Khyati” means “knowledge” so Viveka Khyati means Right knowledge. When a seeker reaches the last stage of Sampragya samadhi during the meditation, then there is an awareness of Viveka Khyati in the seeker.

The position of a seeker in Viveka Khyati is such that he is able to obtain separate knowledge of both the creator and the man. He came to know that he is a self-element, due to ignorance he was considering to associate itself with the Creator.

Yoga Guru Maharishi Patanjali says that during this Viveka Khyati, there are 7 stages of the yogi’s mind. Viveka Khyati rests in the mind of the seeker for some time. Then, as long as it remains stable, the mind of the yogi passes through these 7 types of stages of Viveka Yoga.

7 Stages of Viveka Khyati

Maharishi Patanjali says in the 27th sutra, – In these 7 types of stages, the first 4 are known as Karya Vibhukti Pragya and the last 3 are known as Chitt Vibhukti Pragya.

Vibhukti means the end of the rights of Chitta.

Karya Vibhukti Pragya

These are of 4 types-

Gyeyashoonya Avastha (Inconsolable State)

In this state, Chitta realizes that he has taken the knowledge he had to acquire.

Heyashoonya Avastha (Inexplicable State)

In this state, we know the grief that we were about to know.

Praapyaprapt Avastha

We get whatever we wanted to achieve in the world.

Chikeershashoonya Avastha

In this situation all the tasks are finished. Whatever we have done in the before 3 stages.

Chitt Vibhukti Pragya

Now those stages come in which after the end of the work of Chitta, it is now liberated.

Chitt Ki Kritarthtaa (Blessedness of Mind)

It means the end of the purpose of the mind.

Gunalinata (Multiplicity)

The qualities being rapt in their work.

Aatm Sthiti (Self-position)

The soul is stationed in its own form.

So Viveka Khyati is that knowledge through which we can be able to interview our own self-element and become oriented towards it. It is such a light through which we start to see the whole world of our deeds. Through this, the journey of the intergalactic world is complete.

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