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Yoga Faq and yoga questions and answers

Recently you start practicing yoga as a beginner, there are lots of questions in your mind related to Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation. Today we are going to discuss some common FAQs which was asked by many people. We are going to start with some basic questions.

Below are some Yoga Faq

What is Yoga?

Generally, the meaning of yoga is add or total. But in the language of spirituality yoga means connecting the soul with the divine. People think that asana or pranayama is yoga. But no asana and pranayama are the branches of Yoga. Yoga Means Union.

What is Pranayama?

Pranayama is a breathing technique.

What is the best time to practice Yoga?

Morning is the best time to practice yoga or you can also practice it after 4-5 hours of your meal. We have also written a detailed article on the Best time to practice yoga, you can check it.

Can Pranayam be practiced by standing up?

Absolutely no, as Maharishi Patanjali says “Sthira Sukham Asanam” that means “Sit in a comfortable pose”. Also, do not practice Pranayama while walking and driving.

Can I do yoga by sitting on a chair?

Yes, if you are not able to sit on the ground then you can practice Yoga while sitting on the chair. Keep in mind that the chair is of plastic. If the chair is of iron, then place a mat on it and then practice yoga. Some people go to the parks and practice by sitting on a cement or iron chair, if you do this, then first put a mat on the chair and then practice yoga. It does not benefit from directly exercising yoga by sitting on the ground, because of the energy generated in our body absorbed by the ground.

Can I do yoga after surgery?

You can practice pranayama at the slow speed after having legs or arms surgery or fracture. But start practicing Yoga after 5-6 months of the surgery of other parts of the body. Do yoga exercises only after being fully healthy. If you have any kind of operation or surgery, whether it is heart or liver or kidney or any other, you should not practice yoga for 6-7 months. However, you can start the Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika Pranayama, without any force, after 1 month.

Can I do Yoga/Pranayama after delivery?

If you have a normal delivery then you can start practicing pranayama after 1-2 months. Practice every single pranayama for 2-3 minutes in the beginning and gradually increase the duration. If your delivery is done by operation then you should not practice Yoga Pranayama for 6-7 months. After that, gradually start doing pranayama.

How long should I wait for yoga after drinking tea or eating fruits?

Tea and fruits also come in food items, so you can practice yoga after 2 hours of eating fruits or drinking tea. However, after 15-20 minutes of drinking water, you can start practicing yoga. If you have received any juice then you will have to wait 1-2 hours for that too.

Can you do pranayama after 60 years of age?

Yes even after the age of 60, you can practice pranayama. But keep in mind that do not practice difficult pranayama or yoga postures. Well, those over 60 years of age should do simple exercises like Bhastrika, Anulom Vilom, Kapalbhati, and Bhramari etc.

Can I practice Pranayama in the room?

This is a genuine question because it is difficult to come out in the cold during winter. In India, there is fog in the morning during winter and yoga should not be practiced in fog. If you practice pranayama inside the room then open the room windows for ventilation.

How many hours of meals can I practice pranayama?

Nowadays some new yoga teachers recommend practicing yoga after eating 1-2 hours. The food that we eat takes 2-3 hours to digest, so you should practice yoga and pranayama at least 3-4 hours after your meal. If you start yoga or pranayama 1-2 hours after your meal then your food will not digest.

Yoga or Medicine, which one should I do first?

Of course, you can consume medication before doing yoga but keep in mind that medication should be taken with less water.

Can I do Yoga every day?

Some people say that yoga should be done only 5 days a week, but according to the rules of yoga, there is nothing like this. Yes, you can do the practice of Asanas for 5 days a week, but practice pranayama and meditation every day.

Can I do the gym along with yoga?

Yes if your body allows then you can do gym also. Practice Pranayama and Asana in the morning and do the gym in the evening.

What should I do first posture or pranayama?

It depends on you. But during the winter it is best to practice posture, it makes your body warm and you will not feel cold while doing Pranayam.

Can I use headphones while doing pranayama?

When I started doing pranayama, my mind was not stable, my mind used to have hundreds of ideas, so I used headphones to build the concentration in the beginning, in which I used to listen to the Mantra chanting music. Although the headphones are helpful in increasing the concentration of the mind but do not get accustomed to it. Because it contains the magnet which is harmful to our ears. Instead of headphone, you can practice pranayama by putting light music in a speaker.

Can I do yoga in the fever?

No, you should not. Do not practice any such asana or pranayama in the fever that makes your body warm. Yes, you can practice Anulom Vilom and Vajrasana in Fever.

Can I practice yoga during menstruation?

Yes, but it is better to practice pranayama during menstruation. Do not practice hard rugs like Sarvangasana and Halasana during menstruation. You can practice normal pranayama such as Bhastrika, Anulom Vilom, etc., do not practice the abdomen pranayamas like Bahya, Agnisar Kriya etc.

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