12 Basic Rules And Precautions Before Starting Yoga {For Beginners}

Rules and Precautions related to yoga

Before starting yoga, the seekers of yoga should follow all the rules and precautions. Otherwise, many types of disorders can occur in the body. Therefore, every seeker must pay attention to the following points.

This is the same way as we build a house, we pay a lot of attention to its foundations so that the building standing on it remained stable for years. If we apply these rules and precautions related to yoga in our life, then many difficulties in our lives will be solved automatically.

Rules & Precautions Before Starting Yoga For Beginners

  • If you are doing yoga for the first time or you are new in the path of yoga then practice yoga asanas in the care of a yoga teacher.
  • When practicing yoga, concentrate fully on practice.
  • By gradually practicing yoga will be more beneficial.
  • Pay special attention to Yama and Niyama (the first 2 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga).
  • It is also necessary to know which practice you should and which should not do. (Read This: Which yoga practice to do in which disease?)
  • No Yoga posture should be done immediately. First light exercises, micro exercises should be done. By doing so, the pain and hardness of the body go away and the body becomes soft. It also helps in pranayama and meditation.
  • Do not practice any asana forcefully.

Breathing-Related Rules And Precautions

  • Each exercise has its own breath sequence. Keep awareness about breaths while doing any yoga activity.
  • Fill the breath from the nostrils, not from the mouth.

Yoga Diet Related Rules And Precautions

  • The bladder and the intestines should be empty before the Yoga Aasana.
  • Patients of constipation practice yoga postures after consulting a yoga guru.
  • Too much tart, sour, and late-digested food should not be eaten.
  • You can take a glass of cold water sometime before doing yoga postures.
  • The seeker should not take intoxicants like alcohol, tobacco, cigarette etc.
  • If you are suffering from any disease then take the diet plan from a specialist.
  • Practice yoga postures after half an hour before eating and after 3-4 hours of eating.
  • Stop eating Non-vegetarian food.

Bath Related Rules And Precautions

  • After sometime before yoga and after yoga, take a bath with clean and soft water (according to season).

Cloths Related Rules And Precautions

  • Do not wear tight clothes while practicing Asanas.
  • Use loose, comfortable, and cotton fabric cloths.
  • Use yoga matt.


  • The practice of yoga is considered good in the morning. The energy coming out from the sun in the morning gives us strength.
  • The person remains stress-free all day by getting up early in the morning and doing Yoga.
  • Set the time limit for each asana and pranayama according to the ease of your body.
  • By doing yoga exercises at a fixed time, it becomes more effective.


  • For practice, the place should be clean, calm, and pollution free.
  • The place should be flat.
  • If you are practicing in a closed room then practice by opening the window and doors.


  • In the lying yoga asanas, keep the feet in the north or east direction.
  • In the standing yoga asanas, keep the face in the east direction.

Special things during yoga exercises

  • There is no determination of age limit for yoga asanas. However, the person should practice yoga asanas by understanding his age, condition etc.
  • Do not keep the dirty mentality.
  • Have full faith, patience, and positive thoughts.
  • Do not keep anger, jealousy, hatred etc in your mind.
  • Do not consume intoxicants.

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