Easy Meditation Techniques For Beginners | Tips & Steps

Easy Meditation Techniques For Beginners - How To Meditate At Home

This article is for those who have never done meditation before. Through this article, we are going to tell you the Easy Meditation Techniques For Beginners. We will tell you how to do meditation, how long to do it, what precautions should be kept while meditating, the benefits of meditation and many other things.

Let’s get started

In the beginning, when we first sit down for meditation, there are so many thoughts in our mind. Those thoughts start teasing us, pulling us towards the worldly things. In such a situation, we do not feel like doing meditation.

So the first thing you have to do is you have to make sure that you can sit in a place for long periods of time. For this, you have to use your willpower. It is not necessary that you sit for 1-2 hour. In the beginning, sit for only 10-15 minutes.

If your mind is getting distracted in the beginning, do not get frustrated and just keep trying. It happens with everyone in the beginning because we are surrounded by worldly things.

Preparing For Meditation

  • First of all, make your mind that I have to sit down for meditation for 10 minute or 20 minutes or 1 hour or as much time as you want.
  • Now in this tutorial, we will divide this whole meditation flow into different steps. The reason behind doing meditation in parts is that when our mind gets bored, then we engage it in something else.
  • The place where you sit for meditation should be calm and no one comes there to distract you. Keep your phone away.
  • Whenever you sit to meditate, make sure that you have full time and you do not have to get up in the middle.
  • The best time to meditate is morning and night, but if you do not have time, you can meditate even during the day.
  • Wear loose clothes.
  • Keep this in mind that whenever you sit for meditation, your spinal cord should be straightforward. You can put a pillow under your hips to straighten the spine.

Easy Meditation Asana Techniques For Beginners

Various types of asanas are given to meditate. Like Padmasana, Siddhasana, etc. But it is not necessary that you use these sitting posture.

You can sit in that asana in which you feel comfortable in which you can sit for a longer time. When you become a master in sitting at the same place for a long period then you can use these tough asana.

You can also meditate by sitting in a chair or stool. But do not give any support to the back and keep the spine straight.

Whether you sit on the ground or in a chair, first place a yoga mat or simple mat on the floor. By doing so, the energy generated in your body is not absorbed from the ground while doing meditation.

Meditation Techniques For Beginners – Step By Step Guide

We have divided this meditation practice into 8 steps. Steps mean to say we included prayer, pranayama, etc in this process to meditate. Because concentrating on the same goal, it is difficult for a beginner to sit in one place for a long time. Step by step meditation does not distract your mind, and you can stay in one place for hours.


Whatever you pray, should be in your own words. Pray for those whom you consider being your God. Whoever you pray to God, you have to request that you help him in this meditation.


There are lots of exercises in pranayama in yoga. But to meditate, we will only practice Anulom Vilom and Bhramari Pranayama. By practicing these 2 pranayamas, we move towards deep meditation and worldly things which are going on in our mind, they also end up with these exercises.

Try to practice both the pranayama for 5-5 min. Beginner do it for 2-2 min without taking any break.

Meditate On Breaths

After you practice both pranayamas for 5-10 minutes, then you have to focus on your breath. Before concentrating on breath, first, take 4-5 deep breaths and then focus on your breaths.

Now start focusing on your breaths. Feel cold air on your both nostrils while you breathe and feel warm air on your both nostrils while you exhale.

Meditate Between Both Eyes (Agya Chakra)

After Meditate on Breaths, when your mind starts to feel stable, then you have to remove the attention from the breath and put it between your eyes.

Do not think about anything happening outside just keep focusing on your eyes. If any thought comes to your mind, then immediately remove it and focus only on the Agya cycle.

Practice it for 5-10 minutes and in the end when the meditation ends, then see your mental state. See how you felt after meditation. Whether you are feeling better than before or not.

After this again prayer and say thanks to your god for helping you to meditate. You can also include your wishes in this prayer. Then stay silent for a while.

So this is a complete easy meditation technique for beginners, which he can practice at home. When you start meditating daily, gradually increase the duration of each step.

Some Meditation Tips For Beginners

Some people do not have the time to do yoga and meditation, so this is 3 tips for them. You can also use these tips in the above meditation technique. By applying these 3 meditation tips in your life you can meditate in the office, during the journey and anywhere.


Whenever you sit to meditate or whenever you get time in the office or in the house, for 5-10 minutes, make yourself completely calm like a statue. Do not move your body and any other part of the body. When you bring stillness, then your thoughts start getting away. This stillness takes away you to the meditation state. This tip is very effective, you must definitely try it once.

Deep Breathing

Whenever you sit for meditation, your mind will go here and there. After being stable take 10 deep breaths, fill your lungs completely with air. The duration of the breath should be long. While breathing put your full attention on the breath. You can also do this in the office and while traveling.

Look To The Sky

Go out of your room and look at the sky with full attention. It will make you relax instantly. If you are in the office and you cannot come out of the office. In this situation, close your eyes and imagine the sky with closed eyes. You can also imagine the moon.

Important Things Related To Meditation

The above Meditation Techniques For Beginners are easy to do. in order to gain maximum benefits from it, you have to follow the following things.


When you do something every day, it starts getting deep inside you. If you meditate for 4 days and then take a few days pause, again meditate for 2 days and then take a few days pause then it will not work. If you really want to get benefits from meditation then you have to practice it on a regular basis.


Choose that time to meditate when you are full of energy. Your stomach must be empty. Take a bath with normal water and then sit for meditation.

Group Meditation

Every day you meditate alone, but practically practice meditation with friends one day a week. Meditating in the group created collective energy.

Precaution While Doing Meditation

  • Select a certain time to meditate.
  • Choose a clean and quiet place to meditate.
  • Keep your spine, neck straight for maximum benefits.
  • Do not practice meditation if you are suffering from migraine pain and headache.
  • Practice one kind of meditation.
  • Do not practice forcefully.
  • Practice it with the empty stomach.

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