Ida Pingala Sushumna Nadi | 3 Main Nadis Among The 14 Nadis

Ida Pingala Sushumna Nadi

Nadi word is derived from the word Naad. The meaning of the word Naad is sound or wave.

Meaning of Nadi has been written in the dictionary that there are many drains made up of flesh and fibers inside the body. Anyone who transfers pure blood to all organs from the heart is called a Nadi.

According to modern science, a nerve is a group of fibers that transfer impulses from one part of the body to the other part. Each fiber is a nerve axon.

According to yoga, pulse, arteries are those who work in the body in combination with air, water, blood, and other nutritious substances and do the work of movement in the body.

These Nadis are used in pranayama practices.

14 Nadis

There are three and a half million Nadis in our body but 72,000 are the most mentioned. Of these 72,000 Nadis, 14 are the main Nadis.

  1. Sushumna
  2. Ida
  3. Pingla
  4. Gandhari
  5. Hastijivha
  6. Kuhu
  7. Saraswati
  8. Poosha
  9. Shankhini
  10. Payaswini
  11. Varuni
  12. Alambusha
  13. Vishwodara
  14. Yashaswini

Of these 14 Nadis, especially Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadis are prominent.

The Details And Location Of 14 Major Nadis

The position of the Nadis is clear from the given picture.

14 Nadis Location

Sushumna goes to the brain along with the spinal cord. In the right part of the Sushumna, the Pingala Nadi is located and in the left part, the Ida Nadi is located. In the Ida Nadi, the Moon element variants and the Sun element in Sushumna.

The Saraswati and Kuhu Nadis remain ahead and back respectively of Sushumna Nadi.

The Gandhari and Hastijivha Nadis remains ahead and back side of the Ida Nadi.

The Pusha and Yashaswini Nadis remains ahead and back side of the Pingala Nadi.

Vishwodara and Yashaswini are situated between Kuhu and Hastijivha.

Varuni is situated between Kuhu and Yashaswini.

Gandhari and Payaswini are located between Pusha and Saraswati.

Shankhini is located between Gandhari and Saraswati.

Nadis Relation With Our Body And Life

Ida Nadi And Pingala Nadi

The Ida Nadi relates to the mind and left nostril whereas the Pingala Nadi relates to the body, right nostril, and the Prana. Both Nadis plays an important role in controlling body temperature.

Alambusha Nadi

Relates to the Mooladar chakra, rectum, Apana Vayu, and emission system.

Kuhu Nadi

Relates to Swdishthana Chakra, reproductive organs and urinary canal.

Vishwodara NAdi

Relates to Manipura Chakra, digestive system and Samana Vayu.

Varuni Nadi

Relates to Anahata Chakra, the respiratory system, and Udana Vayu.

Saraswati Nadi

Relates to Vishudhi Chakra, respiratory system, and Udana Vayu.

Sushumna Nadi

This Nadi is related to Sahastrar Chakra, brain and Prana Vayu.

Shankhini and Payaswini relate to the left and right nostril respectively. The Gandhari and Pusha relate to the right and left nostril.

Yashvini passes through the right hands and foot whereas the Hastajivha passes through the left hand and foot.

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