Mula Bandha Yoga (Root Lock) Steps And Benefits

Mula Bandha Or Root Loack

Moola means root, base, foundation or source, Bandha means dam or lock, Asana means Pose. In the Yoga, the relation of the Mula Bandha is with the Muladhara chakra, which is located between the anus and below the navel. It works like a dam. The way we stop the water by the dam and then we make the electricity by that water, in the same way, we collect energy by Bandha and by that energy we treat ourselves.

Originally the practice of Bandha is done to increase the energy awakened by Pranayam. Doing this also gives freedom from the stomach disease when you practice Root Lock then you do not have to face semen related disease. Regular practice of the Moolbandhasana increases the age. The Moola Bandha is highest of all bonds and is very useful for our body.

The Mula Bandha or Root Lock can be done in any position, such as sitting, lying or standing. But by sitting in Siddhasan, it provides more benefits, because, in the Siddhasan, the heel of the leg is attached to the Muladhara. Similarly, its practice can be done by inhaling or exhaling.

Root Lock or Mula Bandha Steps

  • Sit comfortably in Padmasana or Siddhasan.
  • Put palms on the knees and sit in Dhyan Mudra.
  • Keep the spinal straight, eyes closed, body relaxed and focus on the Muladhara Chakra.
  • Inhale and apply Antarkumbhaka (Stopping breathing inside) and after that apply Jalandhar Bandha (Touching the chest by the chin).
  • Now drag the anus and the navel area in the upwards direction, as we do in Bahya Pranayama.
  • It is the last step of the Moola Bandha to draw the Mooladar chakra upwards.
  • Hold this state for 5-10 sec.
  • Loosen the anus and navel area, lift the head up and release the breath.
  • Practice it 5-10 times as per compatibility.

NOTE: While applying the asana, keep in mind that the pressure of the heel lies in the anus.

Mula Bandha or Root Lock Benefits

  • This Bandha is helpful in the process of Kundalini awakening.
  • It leads the energy towards the upper direction, as a result, there is sharpness and glow on the face and increases the growth of semen.
  • Removes those disorders in the Muladhara area.
  • Through the continuous practice of Moolabandha, one can achieve the divine.
  • All benefits related to Jalandhar Bandha are obtained.
  • Anal-related disorders can be cured.
  • Constipation ends by doing this posture.
  • Mula Bandha is very beneficial for those who are suffering from Hernia or Piles. Practicing this Kriya relieves their problems.
  • By practicing this yoga asana in Ashwini Mudra, the seeker quickly gets the right to the fundamentals.

Precautions in Mula Bandha or Root Lock

  • Wrong practice can cause physical impairment and lack of virility.
  • Heart and High Blood pressure patient avoid this asana or practice it gently without any force.
  • In the case of sexual or abdominal diseases, practice this Bandha as per the instructions of a Yoga teacher.

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