Jivha Bandha or Locked Tongue Pose {Steps & Benefits}

Jivha Bandha

There are mainly five bandha, one of which is Jivha Bandha, other four are Jalandhar Bandh, Uddiyan Bandh, Mool Bandh, and Maha Bandh. Jivha means “tongue” and bandha means “bind” or “lock”. The bandha is used to affect the flow of energy in the body. This process is best for increasing blood flow towards the throat, face, and brain, which helps improve skin tone and reduce facial fat.

How to Do Jivha Bandha Step By Step

  • Place your yoga mat and sit in a clear area.
  • Sit in Padmasana or Sidhasana or Sukhasana and straighten the spinal cord and neck and close your eyes.
  • Now open the mouth with a calm temper and turn the tongue and touch it into the palate (as shown in the picture above).
  • Under the high practice of this lock, it is practiced to carry tongue in the cranial cavity and then to the throat.
  • Keep the speed of breath normal and hold this position of the tongue for 5-10 sec.
  • Now close the mouth and bring the tongue in the normal position.
  • Repeat this bandha 4-5 times.

Benefits of Jivha Bandha

  • Helpful in conquering the taste senses.
  • Beneficial for thyroid, parathyroid glands, and salivary glands.
  • An important advantage of the tongue lock is that it prevents the process of useless thoughts and enhances awareness and improves concentration.
  • Useful as a preliminary exercise in the Khechari mudra, described in yoga and Tantra
  • The heaviness of the tongue ends.
  • This bond helps in reducing stammering.
  • Helpful in the awakening of the Lalana Chakra.
  • Helpful in Pratyahara. Due to the thickness of the eardrum, the Jivha Bandha provides relief in deafness.

Precautions while practicing Tounge Lock

  • Keep your body loose and relaxed.
  • Do not apply hard pressure on the tongue especially on the root of the tongue, try to press the palate with the top of the tongue.
  • If you have pain or swelling or burning in the neck area, do not practice this asana.

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