What Is Yoga All About – Its Importance And Benefits In Our Daily Life

Know what is Yoga and its Importance and Benefits of our life

The word yoga is made up of the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’, which means adding the body, mind, and soul into one specification.

What Is Yoga?

If we consider YOGA alphabets, then it will become clear that what is the meaning of these four alphabets.

Yoga is all about,

Y – Yield

O – Obtain

G – Give Up

A – Attain

Y – Yield (What results does the yoga provide to a person?)

  • Keeps breath control physically strong.
  • Provides mental stability.
  • Feel psychologically good.
  • Humans start to associate well with society.

O – Obtain (What new achievements do a person get from Yoga)

  • A purposeful life is created by yoga and determining the direction of life.
  • Awareness, consciousness remains in the person by yoga.
  • A sense of positiveness arises in the person.

G – Give Up (What can a person leave by the yoga)

  • By yoga, a person leaves bad habits, wrong tendencies, drugs and all those who harm him.
  • His negative and destructive thinking starts gradually ending.
  • The desire for honor and the worry for the fulfillment of needs end.

A – Attain (What does the person ultimately get from Yoga)

  • All-around health is achieved and the mind remains calm.
  • Skills develop in life.
  • The mind remains happy and life is seen in every creature.
  • With all these, the person feels successful. He has the knowledge of the true value of his soul.

What Does Yoga Do?

What Yoga does, it can be known only by its use. Yet we have tried to tell about yoga in a few words.

On the path of yoga, we get to benefit from stomach disorders such as indigestion, constipation, acidity, and many other deadly diseases. The feeling of peace and contentment naturally gets absorbed in life. Yoga also provides mental strength with a physical expanse that gives us freedom from mental stress.

With yoga all the mechanisms of our body become functional. It has been proved by scientific tests that the diagnosis of physical dysfunction and ideological instability along with age increases can be done by yoga. By yoga, we can overcome our negativity and develop our therapeutic power.

Thus, it is undeniable truth that yoga is a scientific method and not only physical exercise. Yoga is completely experimental psychology.

The Importance Of Yoga In Our Daily Life

Yoga is more important today than before. Earlier the environment, atmosphere, food, and lifestyle were very much natural than today.

But today, contaminated atmosphere, polluted environment, fast food, canned food, food without vitamin and protein, changing the environment and distorted mentality all have affected our entire health. This is why yoga is very important in our daily life.

Today, where scientists have provided many facilities, their adverse effect has given negativity to our health. Due to all of this, there is a lot of need for yoga education today. Because by yoga we can give the right mentality, true guidance, and better health to not only the present generation but also to future generations.

Mental, Spiritual And Health Benefits Of Yoga

Below is the list of some surprising benefits of yoga.

Benefits of Micro Yoga exercises: Pawanmukt asana

  • In the morning there is stiffness in the body. The body is not quite ready for difficult yoga postures. Therefore, doing light exercise gives flexibility to different parts of the body.
  • Blood circulation occurs in sufficient quantities and there is no problem in further yoga postures.
  • The flow of blood in the brain makes it intense.
  • The body becomes lighter.
  • Thus all the organs of the body become functional and all the disorders are also removed.

Benefits of Padmasana And Meditation Related Postures:

  • By practicing Padmasana and its associated asanas, the energy of our Kundalini Chakras rises upward. Therefore, we can assimilate the energy from the Muladhara to the Sahasrara Chakra and get all the benefits from them.
  • By meditating in this state we can achieve self-realization.
  • By sitting in Padmasan, our spinal cord gets stability by which there is no problem of bending in old age.
  • We can sharpen our memory through meditation and perceptions while sitting in Padmasana and other asanas.

Benefits Of Yoga Asanas Related To Vajrasana:

  • When we sit in Vajrasana, it facilitating blood circulation in the organs of our reproductive system and digestive system.
  • Provides benefits in many diseases related to reproductive organs.
  • Removes menstrual disturbances in women.

Benefits Of Yoga Asanas Performed By Stand Up:

  • This type of yoga asana strengthens the muscles of the shin and thighs, due to which one can get rid of problems like arthritis, tremors, calf pains, knee problem, etc.

Benefits Of Back-Bending Yoga Asanas:

  • By doing this type of rugs, our lungs spread, by which they provide a newer life to our body by collecting more amount of oxygen.
  • Practicing the back-bending asanas our stomach muscles stretches by which the digestive system muscles get a good massage.

Benefits Of Lean Forward Yoga Asana:

  • This type of Asanas leads to a contraction in the abdomen, which causes more pressure in them by which the abdominal organs get good massages.
  • There is a substantial amount of blood circulation towards the spinal cord.

Benefits Of Head Standing Yoga Asana:

  • By practicing this type of asanas increases the blood circulation in the brain so that the head gets complete nutrition.
  • The functioning of the pituitary gland is better.
  • Our thinking-power is developed.
  • The blood circulation becomes intense in our body, through which the heart gets better and enhances the purity of blood.


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