What Is The Real Meaning And Definition Of Yoga (In English)

Meaning and Definition of Yoga

The practical meaning of the Yoga word is very broad. Its area is also very wide. The usual meaning and definition of yoga is to join or gather. In Sanskrit, the derivation of yoga is believed to be from Yuj.

Know What Is Yoga And Its Importance And Benefits In Our Daily Life

Yoga is a universal religion without the biases and arguments of all religions and sects of the world. Yoga teaches the knowledge of the soul to attain it through its own experience and the seeker reaches his ultimate goal i.e liberation.

To be said clearly, going from grossness to subtlety and from outer soul to inner soul is yoga. By the attitude of the mind, we go towards grossness. That is, we become out of control without being constant mind. As our mind becomes unstable, the amount of Raj and Tam will increase. But when we are going to make the mind intermittent, then there will be sufficient knowledge within us.

Meaning And Definition Of Yoga According To Patanjali

Maharishi Patanjali has depicted the definition of yoga in the 2nd formula of Samadhi Pada of yoga philosophy in this way.

योगश्चित्तवृत्तिनिरोधः (Yogaś-Chitta-Vritti-Nirodhah)

Meaning: The detention of the thoughts of the mind is Yoga.

In this way, Patanjali has described both Sampragyat and Asampragyat Samadhi (types of Samadhi) as Yoga.

Different Definitions Of Yoga And Comparisons In Different Texts


Yoga is the complete meeting of living soul and divine. That is, yoga is to generating soul expressions by removing maternal emotions from the body.

Bhagwat Geeta:

Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam:  Means the skill form of karma is yoga.

Pratyabhigyaan Darshan:

The discrimination knowledge of Shiva and soul is Yoga.

Yoga Vashisth:

Yoga is the only way to cross the world’s lust.

Shrimad Yoga Geeta:

A practice which unite Prana and Apana and there is the integration of soul and creature that is known as Yoga.

According to Uttaryogi Shri Arvind:

The meaning of yoga is not only the attainment of God but the name of that action which can make itself a part of God’s action.

Lord Shri Krishna Has Said:

The one who eat lots of food, who sleeps very much, and who awake very much, his yoga is not proven.

And Finally, Some Yogi Has Said That:

Yoga is the only way in the whole life by which we can attain 5 best qualities – Strength, Wisdom, Superiority, Virility, Truthfulness.

Through yoga, one gets the ability to rise from the normal level and reach the soul and divine. Through yoga, we get wellness, goodness, and live a blissful life.

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